Our fulfillment services

To unburden you, we offer the following services

Step 1

Easy link with your web shop

Our software is easily linked to your web shop and has been cleverly developed in order to make it compatible with almost all systems, including the most common used e-commerce systems such as WooCommerce, Magento, Spree, Shopify etc. In addition, we can also provide interfaces for sales platforms such as Bol.com and Amazon.

The retrieval and import of orders and articles is done automatically, as is the reporting of order status, track & trace and stocks.

Linking your web shop to our software is therefore a piece of cake. You are quickly connected and we can start sending your orders right away.

Step 2

Order processing

Order processing is organised as efficiently as possible. Orders are imported into our system and checked for points such as a full address, the zip code/ house number combination and item numbers.

For orders outside the EU, we check whether all data required for the automated preparation and digital notification of the customs documents are present in the database. This prevents unnecessary hold up and even returns.

Step 3

Order handling

Was the order imported correctly? Then we will ensure that it is packed quickly and neatly in our warehouse. First, the required items are removed from the warehouse.

The packer then scans each item. Our system checks whether the correct barcode is scanned in the correct quantity. Only when the entire order is complete does the packer receive a shipping label.

Due to this method, packing errors rarely occur.

Step 4


Are your orders ready to be shipped? We only work with the most reputable postal companies. Based on volume, destination and weight, it is determined which postal carrier will transport the package for you. Of course you can always decide for yourself which postal carriers you do and do not want to use.

Step 5


Of course we also take care of the processing of returned items. In consultation with you, we assess whether articles may or cannot be sold after being returned. All relevant data regarding this process can be viewed via our customer portal.

Optionally, you can also use us for first-line customer service. We open a separate phone number and email address just for your customers. Questions from your customers are administered through a ticket system, so you can view the discussed matters yourself.

Step 6

Action fulfilment

If you have a promotion a few times a year, you can also outsource this to us.

We are for example already taking care of the distribution of the POS materials to stores worldwide for several of our customers. The materials are handed to us and we ensure the correct distribution in terms of type, number and language. In addition, we look for the most economical and reliable solutions to get materials to stores.

We are also happy to arrange one-off promotions for you. Send a thank you to your (future) customers or to your staff. We can take care of the packaging and shipping.