Misi is

The specialist in order processing

With our in-house developed software, we are able to quickly offer customised solutions

Customisation through our own software

The most efficient custom order fulfilment solutions

Flexible and complete order processing

Process your orders as efficiently and effectively as possible


Worldwide shipping at competitive rates

Misi makes the difference

Outsource your complete fulfilment carefree.

From warehousing and inventory management, to packing and shipping, response processing, print support and even subscription management.

Do you already sell products through a web shop or do you want to start one? Is preparing shipments, receiving the products and arranging the storage something that takes too much time or does it go wrong too often? Choose to outsource everything fulfilment related to Misi.

Do you sell through sales platforms such as Bol.com and Amazon? We have created portals for our customers using these sales platforms. This way you benefit from our sales platform, and you can have orders shipped through us.

International and local

Deliver to B2B and B2C from one warehouse

For both B2B and B2C orders, Misi hat takes care of everything.

Because our systems works with master boxes, inner boxes and individual products, we ensure the fastest and most optimal method for picking items. Master boxes are automatically unpacked when needed for smaller orders.

Efficient and easy operation of BtoB and BtoC orders is therefore within reach.

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custom interfaces183
number of orders this month53782
delivery time BtoC24hour
Misi makes the difference

Why is Misi the perfect solution for you?

  • Serving BtoB and BtoC from one stock
  • National and international shipments
  • In-house IT
  • Flexible solutions
  • Connect with sales platforms such as Bol and Amazon
  • We use all reputable mail carriers
  • Working with various pallet transporters