About Misi

Misi = shipping
Misi is a full-service shipping company which is able to support you in keeping your promise to your clients. The name ‘Misi’ is Latin for ‘sent, or shipped’. But Misi does more. We are the people you can trust with your fulfillment. From storage to order-processing to packing and shipping: Misi makes the difference.

Customized approach with our special software
Our long expertise and knowledge makes us the specialist in order-processing and subsequent services. We developed our own software to customize your order-processing. And you can deliver your data to us any way you like.

Total solutions
Misi customized method offers you a total solution for your order-processing. We’d like to do your complete order-processing for both non-foods and long-life foods.

Misi makes the difference
Are you ready for our customized approach? Then we’d like to send you a business proposal.